AHGAAmerican Homeowners Grassroots Alliance
AHGAAmerican Hosta Growers Association
AHGAAustralian Hydroponic and Greenhouse Association
AHGAArt History Graduate Association
AHGAArizona Hang Glider Association
AHGAAustralian Hop Growers Association
AHGAAlmost Heaven Greyhound Adoption, Inc. (West Virginia)
AHGAAsynchronous Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
AHGAAmerican Hallmark General Agency, Inc.
AHGAApple Hill Growers Association
AHGAAustralian House and Garden Annual
AHGAAutoshift High Gear Actuator
AHGAAny Help Greatly Appreciated
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Anjuman Shari Shian President, Ahga Syed Hassan Al-Moosvi Al-Safvi addressing a function at Zadibal in Srinagar said, 'The Kashmirs have been fighting for their cause based on truth and justice for the past 70 years, but India is using all tactics to suppress the freedom sentiments.' He said that Indian oppression had forced people to hit roads without any fear and
13 kacchena[upapada] That speech form beginning pa[anga]-a[krt] with that after which an affix is provided is termed ahga with respect to that affix.
yat patyapatyasuhrdam anuvrttir ahga strlnam svadharma iti dharmavida tvayoktam I astv evam etad upadesapade tvaylse prestho bhavdms tanuhhrtdm kila bandhur atmd II 10.29.32 What was said by you, the knower of dharma--namely, that the svadharma of women is serving husbands, children, and friends--let it be so towards you, the lord, source of this instruction.