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AHHAmerican Home and Habitat (textile outfitter company; Sealy, TX)
AHHAce's Happy Homepage
AHHAdaptive Hard Handoff
AHHArizona Heart Hospital
AHHAryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase
AHHAllHipHop.com (website)
AHHAlliance for Healthy Homes (Washington, DC)
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ten minutes for refreshments -- knductr'll strike the gong-bell two minutes before train leaves -- passengers for the Shore line please take seats in the rear k'yar, this k'yar don't go no furder -- AHH - pls, AW-rnjz, b'NANners, S-A-N-D'ches, p--OP-corn
Kaslow learned about the AHH program from representatives of the Santa Ynez Community Phone Book.
Saline has two cardiologists on staff who will work with a team of AHH providers, including six cardiologists and three nurse practitioners devoted to Saline.
As of September 30, 2012, AHH had assets of approximately $142 million, loans of $97 million, deposits of $121 million and shareholders' equity of $13.
Although ads for AHH are starting to show up, Craig Douglass, owner of Douglass Communications, which represents AHH, says aggressive marketing of the hospital won't start until it opens in early 1997.
Syntel has successfully evolved its business from a Y2K and staffing company to an applications outsourcing and e-Business solutions firm, all while remaining profitable," said Sandra Notardonato, an analyst with AHH.