AHHSAlamo Heights High School (San Antonio, TX)
AHHSArthur Hill High School (Saginaw, MI)
AHHSArchbishop Hannan High School (Chalmette, Louisiana)
AHHSAlief Hastings High School (Houston, Texas)
AHHSAmerican Hackney Horse Society
AHHSAltitude Hold and Hover Stabilization System
AHHSAbington Heights High School (Clarks Summit, PA)
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According to AHHS, an estimated--homes had LBP somewhere in the building.
An estimated--homes had LBP hazards, according to AHHS.
According to AHHS, arsenic levels--with the age of the housing.
More homes had detectable levels of arsenic in household dust compared to outdoor soil, according to AHHS.
Therefore, the court held that the expenses from the AHHS dispensaries were not deductible under Sec.
However, because there was no evidence that the AHHS dispensaries sold anything other than controlled substances, the court determined that all of the expenses would have been disallowed under Sec.
Significant Differences Between AHHS and NSLAH Lead Estimates
9% in AHHS (Table 3) was statistically significant, but only because of the large increase in post-1977 homes in AHHS.
AHHS provides the first statistically valid national estimates of the prevalence of arsenic in household dust and soil.
Some of the significant differences in LBP prevalence (Table 3) reflect incremental progress in reducing LBP over the seven years between NSLAH and AHHS.
In AHHS, 74% of the XRF readings that were positive for LBP in these units were on ceramic surfaces (1.
Although a definitive determination cannot be made based on the soil sampling protocol used in AHHS, this pattern is likely due to the leaching of inorganic arsenic from wood that was treated with chromated copper arsenate (CCA) or to sawdust left in the soil after construction of wooden structures.