AHIAAssociation of Healthcare Internal Auditors (Wheat Ridge, CO)
AHIAAustralian Health Insurance Association
AHIAAssociation of Health Insurance Advisors
AHIAAssociation of Health Insurance Agents (part of NALU)
AHIAAustralian Health Informatics Association
AHIAAffordable Health Insurance Agency (San Antonio, TX)
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AHIA is a non-profit association specifically designed to serve the needs of the individual health and employee benefits advisor.
The role of the agent is critical as employers are scrambling to comply but AHIA members are prepared to meet the challenge" Abadie says.
AHIA is holding its meeting in San Diego in conjunction with the NAIFA meeting.
AHIA President-elect Bill Foudy, also president of Foudy Insurance Agencies Inc.
AHIA, for examples, says Clinton ought to keep costs down by including an affordable basic benefits policy.
As part of the extension process, all NAIFA members will become AHIA members, and AHIA will stop taking new members after Sept.
Consider the professional and practice development component offerings of NAIFA, AHIA, AALU, NAILBA, MDRT and the American College--superlative designation and certificate tracks for sales practitioner development.
AHIA believes that the industry and the state and federal governments, as well as consumers, need to bear the responsibility of addressing health care costs.
NIB is keenly following the progress of these moves as they will bring greater regulation and standardisation of natural therapists (through the Quality Assurance Requirements being introduced 1 July 2008) and enable health funds to more freely share information about provider behaviour in light of sky-rocketing fraud and investigation costs (through the adoption by the AHIA Fraud and Security Committee of a Code of Conduct for sharing information).
Regarding the LTC provisions, NAIFA and AHIA said one way to address the catastrophic cost of long term care is by allowing cash buildups in life insurance and annuity contracts to be used to fund LTC costs or pay the premiums for LTC insurance policies, or to allow combinations of these products.
But even if you do not offer health insurance, find a local firm through your NAIFA, AHIA or NAHU chapter with whom you could strike up an arrangement.