AHIAAffordable Health Insurance Agency (San Antonio, TX)
AHIAAssociation of Healthcare Internal Auditors (Wheat Ridge, CO)
AHIAAustralian Health Insurance Association
AHIAAssociation of Health Insurance Advisors
AHIAAssociation of Health Insurance Agents (part of NALU)
AHIAAustralian Health Informatics Association
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'The cultural agencies and IA are in continuous coordination with DPWH to ensure that the ongoing AHIA ...
"The AHIA would help this Commission and the other cultural agencies to clearly identify the impact of the project to San Agustin's OUV," the NCCA said in its report.
"America's small business owners who currently insure their employees are concerned about losing the broad range of choices and high quality of care they enjoy under the current system," said AHIA president Sam J.
Esses estudos da percepcao sao associados ao estudo dos "recursos interpretativos e tecnicos dos elementos formais e seus relacionamentos em duas dimensoes; Natureza da Luz; [e] Forcas Visuais." (Relatorio para o 1 Semestre de 1971 / AHIA), conteudos estes que vinham sendo desenvolvidos, desde os anos 1950, na disciplina de Composicao Decorativa--Tecnica da Composicao Artistica.
IMU AHIA: Traditional Igbo business school and global commerce culture.
Under 13 girls: Catrin Lord (200m); Emily Thomas (70mH race 1); Amy Ahia (70mH race 2 & high jump).
The mission of AHIA is to advocate for a positive legislative environment, enhance business and professional skills, and promote the ethical conduct of its members.
Counseling African Americans provides counselors with a chance to become aware of the cultural issues that form a foundation for this particular client group (Ahia, 1997).
NIB is keenly following the progress of these moves as they will bring greater regulation and standardisation of natural therapists (through the Quality Assurance Requirements being introduced 1 July 2008) and will enable health funds to more freely share information about provider behaviour in light of sky-rocketing fraud and investigation costs (through the adoption by the AHIA Fraud and Security Committee of a Code of Conduct for sharing information).
Julia's grandmother, the chiefess Ahia, married Captain George Beckley, one of "Kamehameha's haoles" and the first commander of the Fort of Honolulu, in a traditional Hawaiian ceremony (41) The couple were devoted; Ahia sailed with her husband on many of his voyages and was thought to be the first ali'i wahine to visit Canton.
Officials of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors/ AHIA and the American Academy of Actuaries said that covering the uninsured should not come at the cost of making the current employer-based system unaffordable.