AHIFAlabama Head Injury Foundation
AHIFAl-Haramain Islamic Foundation (Saudi Arabia)
AHIFAffordable Housing Investment Fund (Virginia)
AHIFAmerican Hellenic Institute Foundation
AHIFAffordable Housing Incentive Fund
AHIFArizona Heart Institute Foundation
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Belew added that the AHIF has gone back to court, accusing the Bush administration of intercepting phone calls between AHIF's Saudi directors and two of their US-based lawyers.
Although no future hearings have been set yet, the new suit has emboldened the morale and efforts of AHIF officials, their lawyers and FOCA office bearers.
Plaintiffs are the AHIF and two of its American lawyers, Belew and Asim Ghafoor, who say their calls to Al-Haramain officials in Saudi Arabia were tapped in 2004.
Such stories are a disservice to the principles of AHIF which stated its active opposition to terrorism in its founding articles of incorporation in 1999.
To my knowledge, more than $400,000 of AHIF funds have been frozen so far," said Tom Nelson, one of the lawyers representing AHIF who is currently visiting Riyadh.
He added that a fair judicial intervention at this stage would make it clear whether the US administration was correct in suing Islamic charities, especially the AHIF, and whether they are linked to terrorism.
Belew said the US alleged that the AHIF was a front for Al-Qaeda.
Now in its second year, AHIF is the premier hotel investment conference in Africa, attracting many prominent international hotel owners, investors, financiers, management companies and their advisers.