AHIFAlabama Head Injury Foundation
AHIFAl-Haramain Islamic Foundation (Saudi Arabia)
AHIFAffordable Housing Investment Fund (Virginia)
AHIFAmerican Hellenic Institute Foundation
AHIFAffordable Housing Incentive Fund
AHIFArizona Heart Institute Foundation
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LAUSANNE, Switzerland -- APO Group (APO-opa.com), the leading media relations consultancy and press release distribution service in Africa and the Middle East, today announced that Isaac Khisa from Uganda has won APO Group's invitation to attend the 2019 Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) (AHIF.com), the premier hotel investment conference in Africa, which will take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 23rd-25th September.
(361) On the contrary, the court said, "[i]n response to the dissent's argument [in Holder] that there is no natural stopping place for the legitimacy concern," Chief Justice Roberts, in the majority opinion, responded that "Congress has settled on just such a natural stopping place: The statute reaches only material support coordinated with or under the direction of a designated foreign terrorist organization." (362) Since AHIF was a domestic organization, Holder did not apply.
The suit follows the recent dismissal by a US court of the original lawsuit filed by the Oregon-based American branch of the now-defunct AHIF, which was declared a terrorist organization by the US Treasury Department in 2004.
Welch: "(1) the party whom the defendant aids must perform a wrongful act that causes an injury; (2) the defendant must be generally aware of his role as part of an overall illegal or tortious activity at the time that he provides the assistance; (3) the defendant must knowingly and substantially assist the principal violation." (246) In addition, "a 'joint venturer's' liability extends to all reasonably foreseeable acts done in connection with the tortious act that the person assisted." (247) Judge Robertson also noted that liability for aiding and abetting or for conspiracy must be tied to a substantive cause of action--in defendant AHIF's case, the ATA, the ATCA, and a number of common-law torts.
The market will play host to the Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) (https://www.AHIF.com/) on 23-25 September at the Sheraton Addis.
The Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) will return to the Sheraton Hotel, Addis Ababa on September 23-25, 2019.
From the Africa Hotel Investment Forum (Ahif) in Kigali, Rwanda, Marriott International today announced further expansion plans in Africa with seven new hotel signings.
Matthew Weihs, managing director, Bench Events, which organises the Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF), which attracts all the major international hotel investors in Africa, where this report will be discussed in detail, concluded, "The economics are compelling.
RIYADH: The Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation (AHIF) - a Saudi-based charity whose assets were frozen by Washington - announced yesterday plans to re-submit a lawsuit after a US federal court judge threw out an earlier one challenging the US government's decision to tap the phones of AHIF officials.
AHIF also will enhance the effectiveness of USAID's response to