AHIOSAssociation of Health Information Outsourcing Services
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Although the acts specify that each request must be fulfilled in 60 days, AHIOS member organizations fear that that confusion about how to comply with requests and the need to communicate with requestors about the inability to supply records electronically if they are so requested, confirming that paper delivery (and its associated fees) will be acceptable before the service is provided, will significantly slow request turnaround and create another opening for litigation.
AHIOS will continue to support any legislation that makes it easier for healthcare organizations to produce information efficiently and cost-effectively.
For more than a decade, AHIOS has striven to increase awareness of the value, importance and complexity of the outsourcing industry's services and helped to establish standards of excellence in the release of medical information.
Logan, MBA, RHIA, a 30-year veteran of the industry and co-founder of AHIOS.
In any single day, an ROI specialist faces dozens of different release requests, and he or she has to be on top of a huge body of knowledge that dictates how each request is handled," said AHIOS president Richard C.