AHIPAmerica’s Health Insurance Plans
AHIPArmy Helicopter Improvement Program
AHIPAcademy of Health Information Professionals
AHIPAssociation of Hearing Instrument Practitioners (Ontario, Canada)
AHIPARPANET Host Interface Protocol
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But "prior authorization approvals can be burdensome for health care professionals, hospitals, health insurance providers, and patients, because the processes vary and can be repetitive," AHIP says in its initiative announcement.
Susan Lessick, MA, MLS, AHIP, FMLA; Michelle Kraft, MLS, AHIP
AHIP funded the purchase price with cash on hand and with the proceeds from four new commercial mortgage backed securities loans worth $236.
In the leadup to the House vote, though, AHIP had been more publicly signaling its discomfort with how the pre-existing condition protections were working in the ACA.
AHIP also found signs that the number of insurers in the HSA-compatible plan market might be falling.
AHIP's successful advocacy record speaks for itself," said Marilyn Tavenner, who was named AHIP president and CEO in July.
As the unifying voice for our industry, AHIP and its members are uniquely positioned to address the pressing health care challenges facing consumers, and Marilyn is a recognized leader who brings the experience, tenacity, and dedication to achieve our advocacy goals and to move the health system forward in a way that is patient-centered.
The firm, which provides health cover for about 45 million Americans, said that it was planning to leave America's Health Insurance Plans, AHIP, considered to be the health insurer industry's biggest trade group, because it no longer represented the best interests of the company or its customers.
The drafters of ERISA wanted to lower the cost of offering employee benefits and encourage employers to offer health benefits by protecting multi-state employers from differences in state laws and procedures, AHIP said.
It's time to stop the politics of vilification and focus on what American need most: real health care reform that addresses the serious and urgent problems facing our nation," Karen Ignagni, president and CEO of AHIP, said in a statement.
AHIP said such action would reduce cost projections by $500 billion over the next five years.
For example, a study conducted on behalf of AHIP by Milliman Inc.