AHJAuthority Having Jurisdiction
AHJAmerican Heart Journal
AHJAuthority Housing Jurisdiction
AHJAssociation Hospitalière de Joeuf (French: Hospital Association of Joeuf; Joeuf, France)
AHJAlternative Health Journal
AHJArea Having Jurisdiction
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The fire safety analysis ensures the AHJ that the terminal will be built to at least meet or likely exceed customer requirements, along with the appropriate federal, state and local codes and standards, which require that:
These include a process in which the professionals who designed the unit sign and seal the manufacturer's construction documents, thus accepting legal responsibility for compliance (similar to the 2014 edition of the guidelines); using a third-party, nationally recognized testing laboratory certification or labeling of the unit (similar to a piece of medical equipment); or choosing other certifying means acceptable to the AHJ such as professional association certifications.
Two items that were very important to document with the AHJ early on were "process loads" and speculatively leased retail spaces.
A careful discussion with your local AHJ may be the best path to resolving this issue.
AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction): This includes the fire marshal, building inspector, or any other local, state, or federal inspector having jurisdiction over your facility.
With the addition of the new production line, AHJ will provide good products with speed, affordability and low CO2 emissions and fulfill the demand in the sports bike market where further growth is expected.
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194] reviewed the papers published in AH, ABFH, and AHJ during the 1990s and concluded that there was "a relatively insular international accounting history research community," dominated by a relatively small number of authors from the U.
In order to meet growing demand for motorcycles in Indonesia, AHJ recently increased its annual production capacity from 3 million units as of the end of 2009, to 3.
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