AHJAuthority Having Jurisdiction
AHJAmerican Heart Journal
AHJAuthority Housing Jurisdiction
AHJAssociation Hospitalière de Joeuf (French: Hospital Association of Joeuf; Joeuf, France)
AHJAlternative Health Journal
AHJArea Having Jurisdiction
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AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction): This includes the fire marshal, building inspector, or any other local, state, or federal inspector having jurisdiction over your facility.
With the addition of the new production line, AHJ will provide good products with speed, affordability and low CO2 emissions and fulfill the demand in the sports bike market where further growth is expected.
In addition, AHJ has enhanced its lineup of automatic transmission (AT) models by introducing three new AT models in August 2009, a new scooter model, Scoopy, in May 2010, and a new strategic global model scooter, PCX, in June 2010.
AHJs often operate in sub-optimal conditions that include strained budgets, lack of resources and high staff turnover; furthermore, in some areas where solar installations are less common, AHJ staff is simply unaware of existing practices or that problems even exist for installers.
This portion of the scope of work shall be fully reviewable by the AHJ before work may begin.
The selection of a FHRR can be somewhat subjective and tends to vary from project to project depending upon factors such as vehicle usage and any hazardous cargo restrictions, the availability of fixed fire suppression systems, and the influence of the owner or AHJ etc.
If the kit is a Recognized Component, however, the kit can only be installed in the field by a qualified person, and the final assembly must be inspected by a representative of the NRTL that is accepted by the AHJ.
As the first step to install PGM-FI to all models, AHJ introduced PGM-FI-equipped versions of the Spacy Helm-In scooter and the Supra X 125 Helm-In cub-type model, both of which have been well received by many Indonesian customers for breaking through offering a built-in helmet storage space.
For example, according to NFPA 654, the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) is "responsible for enforcing the requirements of a code or standard, or for approving equipment, materials, an installation, or a procedure.
Wimberley PD, Burnett RW, Covington AK, Fogh-Andersen N, Maas AHJ, Muller-Plathe 0, et al.
For the waterside option, there may be water restrictions from local AHJ in climate zone 3b that need reviewed.