AHJAAlabama Hunter-Jumper Association
AHJAAmerican Horse Jumping Association
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In the case of the Emajogi and Ahja rivers, the water discharge station is located upstream of the water quality sampling sites (Table 1).
Two of the water quality sampling sites (in the Emajogi and Rannapungerja rivers) were located close to the river mouth, but still excluded nutrient contributions from their tributaries (the Ahja and Tagajogi rivers, respectively) located downstream from the sampling sites.
Total areas of the studied drainage basins and the areas upstream of gauging stations and water quality sampling sites in the catchment of Lake Peipsi River Drainage Area upstream Area upstream basin area, of gauging of water quality [km.sup.2] station, station, [km.sup.2] [km.sup.2] Alajogi 150 140 140 Rannapungerja 601 313 313 Tagajogi 252 252 252 Avijogi 393 366 366 Emajogi 9745 7840 8539 Ahja 930 896 930 Table 2.
Soils of the Eerika and Ahja sampling areas are Stagnic Albeluvisols, with loamy sand topsoil and loamy subsoil (FAO, ISRIC & ISSS 1998; Kolli 2002).
The Ahja and Eerika areas are situated on reddish-brown non-calcareous moraine (2.8 m) plain with small variations in elevation.
At Ahja and Eerika the soil samples were collected from the control plots of long-term field experiments of 1964.2004.
In the above-mentioned stretch of the Ahja valley, rather homogeneous fine-grained yellowish and pinkish sandstones of the Burtnieki Formation are exposed (Kleesment & Mark-Kurik 1997).
So far the erosion-resistant hydrogoethitic concretions have been found only in the Devonian outcrops located in the middle course of the Ahja River.
6) south of the study area displays a good correlation of Shore 1 with the altitude of terraces in the Ahja and Piusa river valleys earlier connected with the Glacial Lake Peipsi water level during the Laeva-Piirissaar Stade (Hang 2001).
The terraces in the Ahja River valley, earlier connected with the Glacial Lake Peipsi water level during the Siimusti-Kaiu ice margin position (Fig.
Water levels are given for the study area at the Saadjarve Drumlin Field (SDF) and for the months of the Ahja and Piusa rivers south of the study area.