AHJAGAd Hoc Joint Action Group (Phillipines)
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Lawyer Abdul Dataya, AHJAG representative for the MILF, said their role was limited to coordinating with government forces and furnishing of list of drug personalities in their area.
Pierre Bucsit, AHJAG representative for the government, said the protocol would serve as a standard to be followed in anti-illegal drugs operations in MILF-influenced areas.
The CCCH and AHJAG are composed of members from the GPH and the MILF with the International Monitoring Team (IMT), as the third party.
On 12 July 2016, the governments and MILFs respective CCCH and AHJAG signed the Agreement of Cooperation and Coordination in the Campaign against Illegal Drugs in MILF controlled areas.
CCH and AHJAG undertook all efforts to reinstate the ceasefire.
Wala po tayong pinagbibintangan dito kaya nga po ang sabi ko sa inyo the CCCH and AHJAG are looking into this, he said.
The AHJAG is a mechanism under the ceasefire agreement between the MILF and the Philippine government.
The AHJAG is the mechanism between the MILF and the government that responds to criminality and terrorism in areas with MILF presence.
The PNP-SAF violated the government and MILFs ceasefire agreement and the Implementing Guidelines of AHJAG as it did not coordinate the operations through the established protocols of the ceasefire mechanisms.
Page 56, on the portion about the necessity of coordination with the AHJAG (Ad Hoc Joint Action Group) and the CCCH (Coordinating Committee on the Cessation of Hostilities):
Manolito Orense, the assistant division commander and head of the government panel in the AHJAG, to ask him to coordinate the operation with his counterpart in the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, indicating that the SAF had no prior coordination with the joint ceasefire committee.
The mission planning of Oplan Exodus was defective due to: poor analysis of the area of operation; unrealistic assumptions; poor intelligence estimate; absence of abort criteria; lack of flexibility of the concept of operations; inappropriate application of the TOT; and absence of prior coordination with the AFP AHJAG.