AHMACAustralian Health Ministers Advisory Committee
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Although there is a high degree of central agency interest and political sensitivity around these agreements--heightened because of the ways in which the agreements are nested and linked closely to AHMAC structures and processes, the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Council (which reports to the federal Minister for Health)--there is no central agency oversight attached to the agreements.
ATMS has also made available the report sent to AHMAC and if you have not read it yet please go to the website and have a read.
AHMAC membership comprises the health department heads (plus one other senior officer) of the Commonwealth Government, each State and Territory Government, the New Zealand health authorities as well as the Head of the Department of Veterans Affairs.
In order to provide consistency, AHMAC adopted two principles in the development of the criteria.
AHMAC then referred the report to the Health Workforce Principal Committee's Practitioner Regulation Sub-committee for assessment and advice to AHMAC.
I say to you, I say to those who criticise us without knowing the facts regarding the latter to do your homework, to understand the history of this debate, read the report containing the AHMAC criteria.