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AHMESAdaptive Hermite Model Estimation System
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Ahmes probably had something like that in mind but didn't write it out in words.
125 in the highly debated Susa manuscript--while less than n and numerically closer to the exact value--would also be a better approximation than that by Ahmes.
From the Egyptian papyrus of Ahmes we see work on the reduction of fractions of the form 2/(2n+1) into a sum of fractions with numerators of one, an early form of computational efficiency.
Respecto a lo anterior es indispensable decir lo siguiente: el escriba Ahmes no dice en ninguna parte del texto "He aqui un valor aproximado de [pi]"; simplemente describio una aproximacion de tipo metrologico que permitia evaluar el area de un circulo de diametro dado.
With the help of AHMES, the Center has installed questionnaires and surveys to evaluate overall health risks, smoking habits and psychosocial profiles that include indices for depression and anxiety which may impact rehabilitation success.
In fact, the Ethiopian civilization was at its peak in this time period to the point that an arranged marriage was performed between Princess Nofritari and Ahmes and in order to enact the alliance between Egypt and the King of Ethiopia.
AIA, LEED AP, Senior Healthcare Planner; Brian Ahmes, Project Designer
The agreement calls for a collaboration between AHMES and the Rush Primary Care Institute to further develop clinical and workflow aspects of the MEP system.
This is a great opportunity for us to work with a premier integrated delivery system (IDS)," said Rob Alger, President of AHMES.
The Rush Primary Care Institute will lend expertise to AHMES to build clinical and workflow enhancements into the system.
A good example of African mathematical productivity is Problem 79 in the Ahmes Papyrus which deals with a geometric progression of ratio seven and 3,500 years later was appropriated for the Mother Goose rhyme in English.
All these are evident in the examples dealt with by the Egyptian scribe Ahmes in the Berlin Papyrus.