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AHMESAdaptive Hermite Model Estimation System
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This is a great opportunity for us to work with a premier integrated delivery system (IDS)," said Rob Alger, President of AHMES.
The Rush Primary Care Institute will lend expertise to AHMES to build clinical and workflow enhancements into the system.
All these are evident in the examples dealt with by the Egyptian scribe Ahmes in the Berlin Papyrus.
Our customers can now enjoy Chef Trotter's specially designed appetizers and entrees as part of their premium in-flight experience," says Charlie Ahmes, United's vice president -- Onboard Service.
A magical amulet placed around the neck of Ahmes by the Nubian sage contributes to his elevated status as an apprentice to Master Khay, King Akhenaten's personal scribe.
We're pleased to partner with world-renowned chef Charlie Trotter to develop a memorable in-flight dining experience for our customers," said Charlie Ahmes, United's vice president of Onboard Service.
We're excited to partner with Trader Vic's once again to develop a memorable in-flight experience for our customers traveling to and from Hawaii," said Charlie Ahmes, United's vice president of Onboard Service.
Our customers have told us they look for healthy snack choices on the plane," says Charlie Ahmes, vice president-Onboard Service.
Captain Hank Krakowski Appointed Vice President, Flight Operations; Charlie Ahmes Named Vice President, Onboard Service
Additionally, Charlie Ahmes has been named vice president of Onboard Service and will report to Donohue.
Other competing Chefs included: Guillermo Pernot (Pasion) named Best New Chef in the Country (Esquire, November 1999), Mark Vetri (Vetri) recently featured on the cover of Food & Wine, Raul Bacordo (The Continental), Jeffrey Bleaken (The Palm), Terence Feury (Striped Bass), Peter Chan (City Tavern), Michael Che (Swanky Bubbles), Chris Painter (Tangerine) and Stacey Ahmes (Olive Restaurant).
This is a key agreement for Advanced Health," remarked Rob Alger, President of AHMES.