AHMGAustralian Health Management Group (private health insurer; Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia; also seen as AHM)
AHMGAbbey Home Media Group (children's programming; London, England, UK)
AHMGAdvanced Hospitalist Medical Group, Inc. (est. 2005; Laguna Hills, CA)
AHMGAlaska Habitat Management Guide
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53) AHMG, Protocolos, Papeles sueltos, 4 de septiembre de 1513.
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In contrast, our ongoing studies on the reproductive effects of As in Bangladesh show that As exposure during pregnancy increases the risk of fetal and, in particular, infant mortality (Rahman A, Vahter M, Ekstrom EC, Rahman M, Mustafa AHMG, Wahed MA, Yunus M, Persson LA, personal communication).