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AHMMAllford Hall Monaghan Morris (architects; London, UK)
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AHMMAcademy of Hazardous Materials Management
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Walking around with the enthusiastic head, Kamal Hanif, I was very impressed with the quality of spaces and fabric which AHMM have managed to achieve within a very rigorous budget.
NEW LOOK ONE: The Royal Court design by Pentagram in London; NEW LOOK TWO: The vision for the Royal Court by Studio Andrew Todd, of Paris; NEW LOOK THREE: Burrell Foley Fisher's plan; NEW LOOK SIX: London architects AHMM hope judges will go for their plan; NEW LOOK FOUR: Liverpool architects Union North see the theatre like this; NEW LOOK FIVE: Nord Architects FROM Glasgow have gone for a dramatic design; NEW LOOK SIX: Studio Three, from Liverpool have gone for clean lines
It's unlikely that consent for a block like Guy's Tower would ever be granted again so AHMM keep it for its ugly oddity and property values and give it a radical makeover, as they do with the reopened routes through the site.
Enter, too, AHMM, commissioned by First Base lo undertake an R&D study which would deliver such an analysis.
So AHMM (the architects) have done us all a favour by getting this scheme past the planners.
Located in the heart of the Elder Street Conservation Area, the development requires a sensitive and collaborative approach to design and British Land have appointed AHMM as architects to draw on their extensive experience in this field.
The revisions will involve the demolition of the existing Stage 4 and 5 office buildings and their replacement with a sustainable and efficient new ten-storey office building with improved facades, designed by architects AHMM.
The factory closed in 1957: AHMM was obliged to source the material from France.
As a London-based (albeit Sheffield-trained) practice, AHMM has broken the mould.
Conceived by AHMM (Allford Hall Monaghan Morris) as a laminated matt of landscape, the building is organised to unite the fractured geometries set up by the Westway, Harrow Road and a disparate collection of surrounding buildings.
With projects such as the new Walsall bus station (AR June 2000) and housing for the Peabody Trust in Dalston (AR November 1999), AHMM are acquiring a reputation for diligent and inventive architecture that has its ideological roots in British Modernism.
With projects such as Walsall bus station and an elegantly understated health club at Euston (AR August 1998), AHMM are getting a reputation for distinctive architecture that has its formal and ideological roots in British Modernism.