AHMSAdvanced Health Management System (NASA)
AHMSAurora Hills Middle School (Colorado)
AHMSAustrian Holocaust Memorial Service (Austria)
AHMSAdele Harrison Middle School (Sonoma, CA)
AHMSAbington Heights Middle School (Clarks Summit, PA)
AHMSAsociación Hijas de Maria Seiquer (Association of Daughters of Maria Seiquer, Guatemala)
AHMSAssociation Hockey Mineur Soulanges (French: Soulanges Minor Hockey Association; Soulanges, Canada)
AHMSAtom Heart Mother Suite (Pink Floyd song)
AHMSAt Her Majesty Service
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1) sending the switching on and off time to the AHMS and 2) balancing the natural light and light source intensity in a particular location.
The data collected from sensors and coordinators are sent to the AHMS for further processing.
Preceding nationwide student missions movements such as the YMCA/YWCA and the Student Volunteer Movement, the AHMS was ahead of its time.
Founded circa 1840, the AHMS persisted at Judson in some form until the early 1920s.
We are excited to be working with Bombardier and contributing to the AHMS for the C Series aircraft.
Specifically designed for the C Series aircraft, the AHMS will help operators manage their activities, resulting in superior dispatch reliability.
The engineering design models deployed are expected to be crucial to this market, as the efficiency of the AHMS system, would be determined by them.
Tech Mahindra s digital solutions for the AHMS will leverage cutting-edge Cloud Computing, Sensor, Internet of Things (IOT) and Big Data technologies to perform deep analytics of the aircraft's health status.