AHOFArabian Horse Owners Foundation
AHOFAviation Hall of Fame (various locations)
AHOFAverage Height of Force (metric)
AHOFAsian Health Outreach Foundation (Michigan)
AHOFAcronym Hall Of Fame
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Chuck Adams--Contributor to Bowhunter since 1974 and a current columnist Elected to the AHOF as its 61st member in 2008, and also elected to the BHOF.
NOTE: Bowhunter Magazine cofounder Don Clark also contributed greatly to the AHOF's growth and success, Don served as the Hall's Executive Director from the late 1980s until 2004, and continued supporting the AHOF until his death in early 2013.
NOTE: Diane Miller is the AHOF Executive Director (814-392-8981).
Don and Dave served on the AHOF Board before I became involved.
I was a witness to the emotional rollercoaster ride that Dave, Don, and the other AHOF Board Members experienced in their ongoing search.
Eventually, in the late 1990s, fledgling discussions with Bass Pro Shops personnel and later a generous seven-figure AHOF endowment from the estate of archery legends Ann and Earl Hoyt, Dave's vision began to take on a new sharp, clear focus.
I had joined the AHOF Board by then, and it seemed that Johnny wanted to hammer out a deal offering the AHOF space in his Springfield megastore--Missourrs most popular tourist destination, with millions of visitors annually.
A temporary display area housing AHOF items was made available, and the first induction to be held in Springfield took place in 2005.
Meanwhile, plans for a permanent AHOF home were being drawn and redrawn.