AHPAAmerican Herbal Products Association
AHPAAmerican Health Planning Association (Falls Church, VA)
AHPAAmerican Honey Producers Association
AHPAAmerican Horseshoe Pitchers Association
AHPAArchaeological and Historic Preservation Act of 1974
AHPAAssociated Highway Patrolmen of Arizona
AHPAAmerican Horse Protection Association, Inc.
AHPAAccumulator High-Pressure Air
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Participants were also encouraged to visit the joint industry SIDI working group website, in which AHPA is an active participant, at www.
AHPA and CPLEA believe the Sheriff has exploited the situation for his own purposes, holding a press conference on the day Lovejoy was arrested and making various media comments about the case while the investigation was ongoing.
AHPA considers the functions of ODS to be vital to the more than half of Americans who use dietary supplements.
When the first such warning letter was issued in 2011, AHPA President Michael McGuffin noted this is contrary to certain statements included in the preamble to the final cGMP rule, which states, "The firm that conducts the manufacturing operations .
By recording and collating reports of border problems in a centralized repository, the AHPA Import Records Center will reveal patterns with regard to the types of products subject to import interruption; the practices of specific ports, agencies, or inspectors; the average time and range of costs to importers of such interruptions; etc.
I believe that my association with AHPA and the contacts and friends I have made there have been the most effective in highlighting our commitment to not only the particular herbals we sell, but to the growth of the entire category of dietary supplements.
AHPA originally adopted a label for kava products in 1997 to restrict against use by children or by pregnant or nursing women and to caution against use with alcohol or when driving.
In a breakthrough meeting with AHPA President Michael McGuffin in September, top officials of the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) recognized the value of AHPA's innovative proposal to allow more informative warnings for California's Proposition 65-listed reproductive toxins to replace the inflammatory and alarming language currently required.
In addition to botanical medicine's long history of use, there is increasing scientific evidence that further supports the pivotal role that botanicals play in advancing women's health," said Beth Lambert, Vice Chair of AHPA, one of the symposium's hosts.
AHPA holds its Botanical Congress every year in conjunction with Supply-Side West, where experts discuss a host of issues that impact the herbal industry.
AHPA serves its members by promoting the responsible commerce of products that contain herbs.
AHPA chartered a Cannabis Committee in 2010 to address issues created by the legalization of cannabis in a growing number of states.