AHPMAAbsorbent Hygiene Products Manufacturers Association (UK)
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AHPMA is the trade association which represents key UK manufacturers of absorbent disposable continence care products.
AHPMA members are: Abena UK Ltd, Arquest Ltd, Attends Ltd, Johnson & Johnson GmbH, Kimberly-Clark Ltd, Lille Healthcare Ltd, Lil-lets (UK) Ltd, Multibrands International Ltd, Ontex Retail UK Ltd, Playtex Products Inc, Procter & Gamble UK, SCA Hygiene Products Ltd, Paul Hartmann Ltd, Toiletry Sales Ltd.
To visit the AHPMA Nappy Information Service go to www.
For further information contact Tracy Stewart or Peter Stephenson, AHPMA on +44 (0)1483 418221
AHPMA members welcome the Government's funding for new waste technologies via the Waste Implementation Programme, which will provide realistic and sustainable steps toward diverting waste from landfill.
Issued by: Tracy Stewart, Director General at AHPMA.
AHPMA: AHPMA is the trade association for the UK disposable nappy, sanitary protection and adult continence care industries.
AHPMA (Absorbent Hygiene Products Manufacturers Association) is the UK trade association for the disposable nappy, continence care and feminine hygiene product industries.
AHPMA fully supports the promotion of all types of nappy, so long as the information relating to this activity is accurate and balanced.
AHPMA questions the validity of further spending for cloth nappy schemes as similar exercises have already been shown, at a significant cost, to be unsuccessful.
She continued: "Disposable nappies are compatible with all prevalent forms of waste management, and the AHPMA welcomes DEFRA's Waste Implementation Programme funding for new waste technologies.
Tracy Stewart, AHPMA, Tel : +44(0)1483-41822, Email: stewart.