AHPSAdvanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (NOAA)
AHPSAmerican Helvetia Philatelic Society (Swiss stamp collecting)
AHPSAmerican Historical Philatelic Society
AHPSAuxiliary Hydraulic Power Supply
AHPSAnimal Health and Public Safety (Kansas City, MO)
AHPSAllied Health Public Services (Oroville CA; Butte College)
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AHPS is a 40-item Likert-type self-report instrument used to detect unhealthy lifestyles in adolescents.
For the structure validity of AHPS, exploratory factor analysis was used, factor structure was investigated with principle component analysis, varimax rotation and eigen values of component over one were interpretive.
Items' loading of Turkish form of AHPS ranged between 0.
93 Cronbach's alpha coefficient for the AHPS total scale and Cronbach's alpha coefficients for the factor groups; social support 0.
Simula will begin deliveries of the AHPS for a new model introduction of one of BMW's highest volume sedan platforms in 2003.
The AHPS system is an enhancement of Simula's Inflatable Tubular Structure (ITS(R)) design, which has been BMW's standard side-impact head-protection system since its introduction in 1997.