AHPSRAlliance for Health Policy and Systems Research (World Health Organization)
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In addition to the collaboration with academic institutions, implementers and their research partners received ongoing technical and scientific support from AHPSR, PAHO, and a regional technical assistance center in Argentina, the Institute for Clinical Effectiveness and Health Policy (Instituto de Efectividad Clinica y Sanitaria, IECS).
In 2014, AHPSR and PAHO issued an open call for research proposals restricted to LMIC-based institutions, with the requirement that each proposal's principal investigator be a health systems implementer.
With direct support from AHPSR, PAHO, and IECS, the implementer-researcher dyads worked on developing a first draft of the embedded research protocol.
The protocol development and data analysis workshops provided a space for all stakeholders involved to devise a strategy to integrate IR findings into complex policy and health systems decision-making processes, with guidance and support from AHPSR, PAHO, and IECS.