AHQAAmerican Health Quality Association
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Cannon Memorial Endowment, was presented at the 1999 AHQA Annual Session.
AHQA is the association representing QIOs, a national network of state-based organizations that provide hands-on assistance to local health care providers and entities to help them improve the health care system.
AHQA represents the national network of Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) that work with hospitals, medical practices, long-term care facilities, home health agencies, health plans, pharmacies, and employers to encourage the spread of best clinical practices and improve systems of care delivery.
She also serves on the board of directors of Virginia Blood Services, Centralized Credentials Verification Services, and formerly chaired the Medical Affairs Section of AHQA.
AHQA is a not- for-profit national membership association dedicated to healthcare quality improvement through community-based, independent quality evaluation and improvement programs.
The national community of quality improvement organizations (QIOs) is very fortunate to have a recognized leader in health care quality improvement stepping into the role of AHQA President," said David Schulke, executive vice president of AHQA.
AHQA represents Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) and professionals working to improve health care quality and patient safety.
I'm very enthusiastic about working with AHQA members and healthcare leaders throughout the nation to improve quality of care and quality of life," Dr.
Casting blame and pointing fingers won't spur better performance in health care," AHQA Executive Vice President David Schulke said.
The AHQA report, A Measure of Quality: Improving Performance in American Health Care, shows that 26 local quality improvement projects conducted in 1996-99 involving more than 160,000 Medicare beneficiaries increased the number of clinically appropriate patients receiving warfarin by 23 percent.
According to the AHQA report, 11 projects in 1996-99 involving almost 675,000 beneficiaries increased the number of beneficiaries receiving screening mammograms by 25 percent.
AHQA staff would be happy to arrange interviews with representatives from the QIOs that have submitted concept papers to curb medical errors as well as those that have already put projects into play.