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AHRAAudio Home Recording Act
AHRAAmerican Healthcare Radiology Administrators
AHRAAmerican Hot Rod Association
AHRAArabian Horse Registry of America
AHRAAmerican Home Recording Act
AHRAAdvanced Helmet Sight Reticle Assembly
AHRAAutomatic Header Rate Adjustment
AHRAActon Hot Rod Association (UK)
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In a statutory environment such as the AHRA, which implements significant restrictions on embryo use, including research, the feminist basis for the restrictions should be made explicit so that embryocentric rationales do not dominate and obscure the concerns that embryo research raises in regard to women's bodies.
5) The AHRA seeks to use this relationship in order to gain access to certain patient information that would otherwise be held in confidence by the physician.
In ultimately granting a preliminary injunction, the court denied Napster's three primary defenses: its actions were characterized as fair use, its users' actions were protected by section 1008 of the AHRA, and its activities were exempt under the DMCA's Safe Harbor provision in section 512(a), relating to "transitory digital networks.
It is worth noting that the AHRA itself provides no definition for "Serial Copy Management System.
In addition to receiving grants, all winning programs will be featured in an AHRA publication.
First, the collection of health reporting information under the AHRA is not sufficiently transparent to ensure that participants can provide meaningful consent.
19) The court felt that Diamond's interpretation of the Act's exemption of computer hard drives(20) "would effectively eviscerate the AHRA [.
The Putting Patients First grants provide healthcare facilities with resources that otherwise might not be available," said Luann Culbreth, CRA, FAHRA, president, AHRA.
As new healthcare initiatives continue to change our industry, programs like Putting Patients First are more important than ever to improve patient care and safety, said David Fox, AHRA president, CRA, FAHRA.
For more information about USTeleradiology and its family of companies, please see us at AHRA Booth # 134 and at RSNA Booth # 7944 or contact any of the following executives:
For example, it is prohibited under the AHRA, supra note 77, s.