AHRACAssisted Human Reproductive Agency of Canada
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130) Revisions proposed by the federal government so far are (1) to eliminate the AHRAC as of 2013 and (2) to update the AHRA in light of the recent Supreme Court of Canada reference that struck down large sections (none pertaining to embryo research) on federalism grounds after complaints from Quebec that the AHRA intruded on provincial jurisdiction in relation to health care.
Although the legal status of abortion in Canada appears secure for the foreseeable future, it is still useful to signal respect for women's reproductive freedoms in, at the very least, the policies the AHRAC is empowered to create, if not in the statute itself.
Given this void in mainstream media and official government publications, particularly on the AHRAC website (141) and in Hansard debates after the AHRA's passage, it seems unlikely that the public would understand feminist rationales for the research restrictions.