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Conference Paper, 2006 - Annual Conference on New Directions in Copyright, 27-28 June, AHRB Copyright Research Network, Birkbeck University of London, at 21.
Competition for the awards is fierce, with the AHRB reporting that it receives more applications from first- class degree holders than it has awards available.
The research presented was funded by the AHRB and the Leverhulme Trust (Grant no: F/000941AJ).
Profound thanks are also extended to the Crown Prince Court of Bahrain, BAPCO and the AHRB as major sponsors of the Early Islamic Bahrain Project.
The skeletal data were collected when Rebecca Gowland was funded by an AHRB Innovations Award.
1), (3) AHRB Centre for the Evolutionary Analysis of Cultural Behaviour
The research for this paper was carried out as part of an AHRB grant (B/RG/AN1717/APN14658) to GB and NM.
This work was carried out as part of the five year 'Longstones' project, exploring the later Neolithic monuments of the upper Kennet valley, funded by a major grant from the AHRB.
The AHRB (Arts & Humanities Research Board) have kindly given us the data which show the pressure on the funding of archaeology post-graduate studentships this year.
Besides the more straightforward reconstruction of artefactural sequences and settlement chronology in early Islamic Bahrain, the research project, jointly funded by the Court of the Crown Prince of Bahrain and the AHRB, has also been considering the notion of religious identity as represented archaeologically (Insoll 2001), as well as reconstructing the social, political, and economic networks which tied Bahrain to the wider Muslim (and non-Muslim) World.
We are grateful to the Director General of Antiquities and Museums for Syria, Dr Abdal Razzaq Moaz, for a licence to conduct archaeological research in Raqqa and for continued support, to the AHRB, the Fondation Max van Berchem, the British Academy, the British School of Archaeology in Iraq, Nottingham University and the Council for British Research in the Levant for financial support.
On the other hand are notes on funds for projects from the AHRB, the British Institutes etc.