AHRCCAlberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission (Canada)
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I replied that I would fight the AHRCC and its hijackers all the way to the Canadian Supreme Court before I did that--and even if I lost there, I'd contemplate doing jail time for contempt of court before apologizing.
Section 24 of the act allowed AHRCC employees to ask a judge for permission to enter my home and take whatever they liked there, too.
I called the AHRCC a violation of 800 years of British common law and 250 years of Canadian law, including our 1960 Bill of Rights and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Ten days after my YouTube videos went up the AHRCC wrote to my lawyer saying that McGovern had quit my case, citing the popular backlash against her.
A few months later, with Soharwardy out of the picture, the AHRCC quietly snuffed out the piggyback complaint from the Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities.