AHRDAcademy of Human Resource Development
AHRDAdelaide Hills Regional Development (Australia)
AHRDAgricultural Human Resource Development (India)
AHRDAdministration and Human Resources Department (UN)
AHRDAdvantage Human Resources Development
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The AHRD is widely predicted to be adopted at the 45th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM) in July in Phnom Penh.
This proposal is developed for inclusion as an innovative session proposed by the AHRD Scholar-Practitioner Track and Scholar-Practitioner Committee.
This is one of six innovative sessions organized by the AHRD Scholar-Practitioner Committee.
This study involved a content analysis of articles on workplace learning and performance published in the four AHRD journals.
This is one of six innovative sessions proposed for the AHRD Scholar-Practitioner Track and coordinated by the AHRD Scholar-Practitioner Committee.
The paper examines the nature of qualitative empirical studies published in the AHRD proceedings from 1999-2003 and discusses findings on research purpose, research question(s), and inquiry literature cited.
Recent development and dissemination of ethical standards for AHRD help focus attention on the ethical and moral foundations of the field.
This paper describes research conducted at the 2005 AHRD research conference.
This paper describes the development of globalization as a theme for the pre-conferences that precede the annual AHRD conference.
By reviewing HRD graduate curriculum, AHRD member research interests, and analyzing the contents of the primary HRD empirical journal, we analyzed three years worth of data.
The Applicability of AHRD Ethics Standards Internationally" (Lisa A.
The recruitment and development of reviewers for the Academy of Human Resource Development's (AHRD) research journal, "Human Resources Development Quarterly" (HRDQ), was examined at an innovative session of the 2002 AHRD conference.