AHREAlberta Human Resources and Employment (Canada)
AHREAssociation of Hospitality Recruiting Executives
AHREAtrial High-Rate Event (cardiology)
AHREAryl Hydrocarbon Response Element (pharmacology)
AHREAcute Heavy Resistance Exercise (physiology)
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The new-onset AF, the days to the first occurrence of documented AHRE, cumulative numbers of AHREs in the follow-up were also recorded.
Intracardiac electrograms of every recorded AHRE were assessed and classified (AF vs.
John Camm said that ASSERT has important clinical ramifications, including the need to consider oral anticoagulation therapy to prevent strokes in pacemaker patients with no history of AF if their device records an AHRE lasting for more than 6 minutes in excess of 190 beats/min.
12] M TCDD in a fish, where it would act upon the AHRE motif and turn on the GFP or LUC reporter gene.
AhR activates transcription of CYP1A1 by binding as a heterodimer to one or more of the eight AhREs in combination with other factors of the basal transcriptional machinery (1,18,19).
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