AHREAlberta Human Resources and Employment (Canada)
AHREAssociation of Hospitality Recruiting Executives
AHREAryl Hydrocarbon Response Element (pharmacology)
AHREAcute Heavy Resistance Exercise (physiology)
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Most significantly," Sack continued, "this analysis found that patients with detected AHRE of more than 3.
The study results support a workflow where routine assessment of AHRE with BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring([R]) should be considered with other data when determining stroke risk and planning anticoagulation initiation--and should also prompt the optimization of cardioprotective HF therapy in CRT patients.
John Camm said that ASSERT has important clinical ramifications, including the need to consider oral anticoagulation therapy to prevent strokes in pacemaker patients with no history of AF if their device records an AHRE lasting for more than 6 minutes in excess of 190 beats/min.
The cost of the conference is $150 for non members and free to AHRE members.
For more information about the conference or AHRE, please contact Kelly Sullivan at 714.
12] M TCDD in a fish, where it would act upon the AHRE motif and turn on the GFP or LUC reporter gene.
The AHRE Charitable Honoree this year will be awarded to Chrysalis, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping economically disadvantaged and homeless individuals become self-sufficient through employment opportunities.
This one day event is free for AHRE members and only $125 for nonmembers who sign up before October 10, 2005.
AhR activates transcription of CYP1A1 by binding as a heterodimer to one or more of the eight AhREs in combination with other factors of the basal transcriptional machinery (1,18,19).
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