AHRFAmerican Hot Rod Foundation (Greenwich, CT)
AHRFArea Health Resource File (US DHHS)
AHRFAmerican Hearing Research Foundation
AHRFArizona Human Rights Fund (gay and lesbian rights organization)
AHRFacute hypercapnic respiratory failure
AHRFAlberta Historical Resources Foundation (est. 1973; Alberta, Canada)
AHRFAmazing Halo Reach Forges
AHRFAncient Historical Research Foundation
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To further control county-level characteristics, the AHRF (HHS 2016) urban or rural codes were used to create three rural or urban categories: metropolitan counties, urban but non-metropolitan counties, and counties that were completely rural or had less than 2500 urban population.
60) An AHRF Plus program, for example, may offer incentives
Given our relationship with our aboriginal communities, might CoGS decide to contribute the funds to the AHRF in all events?
Background information provided by AHRF identifies legal and political barriers to NGO operations as a primary concern.
5mn contract, Siemens delivered and installed a 132kV AHRF C substation at MAA and a 300/132kV MARF W substation at MAB.
The LHCS has received a $15,000 AHRF grant to permit the gathering of the research sources, and to compile an annotated compendium of archival material about Sir James and Lady Isabella Lougheed, in collections across Canada.
ZN plants in Hamburg main station, Pinneberg APS, Neugraben ANRS, Harburg-Rathaus AHRF, Elbgaustrae AEGs Altona AAS.
was the successful prospective buyer in a public auction held by the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) for the sale of 100% stocks in the share capital of the energy oil terminal organization of Llc Kurgannefteprodukt in Taganrog, the AHRF said in an argument.