AHRIAir-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (Arlington, VA)
AHRIAustralian Human Resources Institute
AHRIAware Home Research Initiative (Georgia Tech)
AHRIAmerican Heritage Rivers Initiative
AHRIAssociation of Human Rights Institutes (est. 2000)
AHRIAnimal Health Research Institute
AHRIArmauer Hansen Research Institute
AHRIAmerican Health Research Institute
AHRIArmy Human Resource Identifier
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From analysis of FPTU fan/motor combinations provided by manufacturers in the AHRI 8012 project, (3) the overall combined fan/motor efficiencies were typically 35% or less at a maximum total pressure of 200 Pa (0.
AHRI research agronomist Mike Ashworth said the opportunity to intercept and kill sclerotia before it re-entered the soil to infect crops in successive years was important given it could persist in the soil for up to seven years and infect a range of broadleaf crop species, making crop rotation sometimes ineffective.
Goodman GSZ13 series heat pump's features include R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant; high-efficiency scroll compressor; SmartShift[R] technology to ensure quiet reliable defrost; factory-installed bi-flow liquid-line filter drier; factory-installed suction-line accumulator; factory-installed compressor crankcase heater; factory-installed high-capacity muffler; high- and low-pressure switches; copper tube/enhanced aluminum fin coil; AHRI certified; and ETL Listed.
Test conditions were also in agreement with the recommendations given in the AHRI 450 guidelines (AHRI 2007).
In fact, many researchers agree that the actual national capacity to exploit biotechnology for socioeconomic development is much greater than in many African nations (Personal communications with researchers in AHRI, EARO and EHNRI).
AHRI is a well-established research centre performing research mainly on mycobacterial diseases and currently it is administratively linked with the ALERT hospital, and has its own Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).
When the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) and Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (GAMA) merged January 1 to become AHRI, the combined staff of the two organizations resulted in the need to relocate to larger office space.
The results from AHRI Research Project 8012 nuanced the conventional wisdom that fans driven by EC motors are "much more" efficient than those driven by PSC motors.
Driven by its mission "Total Customer Satisfaction", SKM offers a complete range of superior quality HVAC products that are certified by globally-recognised bodies like Eurovent, AHRI, TaCV and UL.
However, AHRI does not recommend pressure testing alone as a method of counterfeit detection, since a contaminant refrigerant blend could have similar pressures to the in-specification products but still result in unsatisfactory performance.
Two experimental test setups were designed and built to comply with ANSI (American National Standards Institute)/ AHRI Standard 210/240-2008 and ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 37-2009.
Complete test data and other details are provided at the AHRI AREP 2013 as test reports number 11 and 21.