AHRNAutomated Housing Referral Network (US DoD)
AHRNAsian Harm Reduction Network
AHRNArabian Horse Rescue Network (California)
AHRNArctic Health Research Network (Canada)
AHRNAssociation Historique des Routes du Nord (French: Historical Association of Northern Highways)
AHRNAchter Het RTL (Radio Télévision Luxembourg) Nieuws (Dutch: RTL Behind the News; Netherlands)
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In 1975, Holland had allowed her friend, Dr Ahrn Palley, a constitutional expert and fellow activist, to hold a secret meeting in her "ranch-style home" in Zimbabwe with Mugabe who was about to flee to Mozambique after his release from 11 years in jail.
We believe that the synergy of AHF and AHRN will heighten the awareness of ART treatment and have a positive impact by helping improve access to HIV/AIDS care and treatment in the region, especially among those in marginalized groups such as the HIV infected IDUS and NIDUS who may need AIDS treatment.
Both AHF and AHRN are concerned about the lack of access to quality health services for HIV infected NIDUS and IDUS throughout Asia," said Henry E.