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8% in the fourth quarter of 2016, the AHRQ said, for an overall decline of 38%.
Autism affects boys nearly five times higher than girls, according to AutismSpeaks, a national advocacy organization that nominated this topic for AHRQ to fund this research.
Ask the Publications Clearinghouse for AHRQ Publication 13-EHC081-A for the patient summary, "Keeping Children at a Healthy Weight," and Publication 13-EHC081-3 for the clinician summary, "Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs: Comparative Effectiveness.
For more information on the proposed project, and to submit your comments to AHRQ, go to www.
In addition to the research summaries and reports, AHRQ offers other free products for clinicians and patients about patient-centered outcomes research--podcasts, Web conferences, downloadable faculty slide presentations, and advice columns.
For other information, or to speak with an AHRQ data expert, please contact Linwood Norman at linwood.
Every American should have access to high-quality, appropriate and safe health care, and we need to increase our efforts to achieve that goal, because our slow progress is not acceptable," asserts AHRQ director Carolyn Clancy.
The AHRQ conducted a survey of diagnostics for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
Outcome is honored to have been chosen by AHRQ to create the RoPR database, which we are confident will promote collaboration, reduce redundancy and improve transparency related to registries among various healthcare stakeholders.
The trend away from using protective restraints may reflect a growing recognition that they do more harm than good, as they reduce healthful physical activity and increase bedsores, chronic constipation and incontinence, and emotional and other problems, according to AHRQ.
AHRQ has responsibility for the listing of and outreach to patient safety organizations (PSOs) and the creation of a network of patient safety databases in sections 923, 924, and 925.