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AHRSAttitude Heading Reference System
AHRSAttitude and Heading Reference System
AHRSAttempted Hours (educational transcript)
AHRSAltitude Heading Reference System
AHRSArmy Human Resources System
AHRSAutomatic Heading Reference System
AHRSAuditory Hallucinations Rating Scale
AHRSAccenture Human Resource Services
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the leading developer of stand-alone FAA-Certified MEMS AHRS, today announced that its single-card AHC525 Attitude Heading Reference is now available for integration within UAV flight control systems.
It includes the GDU 620 display/control unit, GRS 77 AHRS, GDC 74A digital air data computer, GMU 44 tri-axial magnetometer and GTP 59 temp probe.
This means that the complete AHRS package isn't sensitive to the acceleration errors that afflict an iron gyro.
The GSU 73 ADAHRS design, sophisticated algorithms, and robust integrity monitoring are derived from the G1000 AHRS, which includes the ability to align itself in flight.
As a sideline, the company has developed a series of aviation products including a pair of miniature AHRS products that output attitude information to other devices or directly to a smartphone or tablet via a wireless link.
Eventually, output commands from the autopilot stop when the AHRS for example signals that the aircraft is on the new pre-selected heading and signals wings level.
The system is formed by the following elements: a radar obstacle detector (RDP), a digital radio-altimeter (CRW), an AXMOD RDP micro-computer, an AXMOD CRW micro-computer, the central computer of the anti-collision system, a digital map of the terrain and a database of Obstacles, as well as the reference system AHRS.
Numerous IMU and AHRS examples serve applications requiring varying levels of autonomy and security.
This combination of technologies creates better short-term GPS-out performance, sustained-G attitude performance, and provides higher rate PVA data than typical GPS and AHRS sensors.