AHSAAAlabama High School Athletic Association
AHSAAArts High School Alumni Association (Newark, NJ)
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Lance Taylor, executive director of AHSAA, testified that the 1.
Our high school athletes and coaches started using STAR Sportsmanship last July and it is clear that use of the program is having a positive and significant impact in our state," said Dan Washburn, executive director of the AHSAA and immediate past president of the National Federation of High Schools Board of Directors.
A coalition of legislative, education and athletic leaders led by the AHSAA, the State Department of Education and the Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools (CLAS) managed distribution of the program.
Alabama has already demonstrated its leadership in sportsmanship education for youth and coaches through our AHSAA programs, but STAR Coaching is a new and creative addition.
This effort will also be funded by the state through its character education law, but managed by the AHSAA, which is also a vocal leader in the effort to help coaches deal with the rising concern of steroid abuse among student athletes.