AHSGAd Hoc Study Group
AHSGAlpha2 Heremans Schmid Glycoprotein
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To illustrate the clinical potential of AHSG to predict survival in GBM patients, we combined patient age and Karnofsky score, the 2 most widely used prognostic factors (2-4), with serum AHSG into a simple 3-point score.
We explored 3 hypotheses to explain the correlation between survival and serum AHSG concentration in patients with GBM.
We rejected the first hypothesis (low AHSG indicates high comorbidity) because there was no correlation between serum AHSG concentration and performance (Karnofsky, r = 0.
The second hypothesis, that low AHSG indicates deleterious inflammation, was also rejected, because no correlation was found between serum AHSG and hsCRP concentrations (r = 0.
We accepted the third hypothesis--in GBM patients, serum AHSG level mirrored the degree of tumor malignancy.
Serum AHSG was [greater than or equal to]285 mg/L in 7 patients and <285 mg/L in 65 patients.
Our data suggest that preoperative serum AHSG is low in most patients with astrocytoma.
A previous study reported increased AHSG in the CSF of patients with low-grade gliomas (27), who were found to have reduced serum AHSG in our study.
Reduced serum AHSG is not a specific biomarker of GBM.
740-kDa peak does not necessarily indicate serum AHSG concentration.
This is the first report that serum AHSG predicts survival in patients with GBM, especially when combined with patient age and Karnofsky score.
We are currently recruiting more patients to investigate whether serum AHSG also predicts outcome in patients with lower-grade astrocytomas.