AHSIAfrican Human Security Initiative
AHSIArchivum Historicum Societatis Iesu (Latin; Italian journal)
AHSIArabian Horse Society of Iowa
AHSIArkansas History Summer Institute
AHSIAmerican Academic and High School Institute (online education)
AHSIAlternative High School Initiative
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AHSI designs, manufactures and services offshore and marine cranes, under the brand name Nautilus Marine Cranes.
Members of the AHSI network have opened nearly 300 high-quality alternative high schools across the nation to provide students with greater options and reduce high school dropout rates.
Along with Indianapolis and Newark, Nashville is one of three pilot cities participating in the AHSI Place-Based Partnership project, which is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
AHSI is a network of 12 youth development organizations actively supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and co-convened by NLC's Institute for Youth, Education, and Families (YEF Institute) and Big Picture Learning.
As a co-convener of AHSI, Big Picture Learning looks forward to taking part in a systemic approach to serving all kids along with the City of Newark Public Schools and the participating AHSI organizations.
is a publicly held Company with its Common Stock and Warrants traded on Nasdaq under the symbols AHSI and AHSIW, respectively, and the Boston Stock Exchange under the symbols AHS and AHSW, respectively.
The trading symbols of the company's common stock and warrants on the NASDAQ Stock Market will continue to be AHSI and AHSIW, respectively.
AHSI is a network of youth development organizations, with NLC being a convener, with more than 200 sites nationwide committed to creating educational opportunities for young people for whom traditional school settings have not been successful.
Elliot Washor, co-director of the Big Picture Company, which along with the YEF Institute co-convenes the AHSI network, made the connection between a practitioner's viewpoint and federal policy.
Through a highly competitive process, Nashville and Newark were selected to join Indianapolis in a leading edge cohort of cities that are launching "place-based partnerships" with the AHSI network to establish several new innovation-model high schools.
NLC and The Big Picture Company are co-conveners of the Alternative High School Initiative (AHSI)--a network of youth development organizations committed to creating educational opportunities for youth who have struggled in traditional high school settings; NASS is one of 12 members of AHSI.
Each policy condition is explained from the perspective of alternative for high school models in the AHSI network.