AHSLArizona Health Sciences Library (University of Arizona)
AHSLArif Habib Securities Ltd. (Pakistan)
AHSLAnglia Healthcare Systems Ltd. (UK)
AHSLApollo Health Street, Ltd. (India; healthcare industry)
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AHSL was given an operating licence earlier this year to run the hovercraft service and says it has all the investment needed already in place.
Mr Clitheroe admitted Hoverlink had " not spoken to AHSL about the similarity between their plans.
AHSL chose to start its iPad circulation program on a small scale, purchasing 4 of the "new" iPads that were released by Apple in March 2012 (i.
All borrower-added content is deleted from the device upon return to AHSL, and this is clearly written in the borrowing policies.
Meanwhile, back at the AHSL, Jerry's responsibilities had grown with a merger of reference and the learning resources center.
Consequently, the AHSL designed a procedure that made evaluation a two-way process.
Worries about confidentiality emerged as the central concern in the AHSL committee discussions.
Because the AHSL is being more proactive in the search for best uses of space, future requests will not be surprises and will be met with alternatives that have come from a library planning process.
The experience described in this case study has caused the AHSL to examine how its space is used and to compare this use to the mission of the university and vision of the library.
As in most other academic health sciences libraries, AHSL circulation and number of reference questions have been dropping [1, 2].
Perhaps "liaison librarian in context" would best describe the new program at the AHSL.
In light of this context, the AHSL, as a library dedicated to improving the integration of clinical evidence into clinical practice, sought to explore the following question: Is it possible to create a search tool that is both simple and convenient to use and sufficiently powerful to provide effective access to clinical evidence?