AHSPAmerican Home-School Publishing (Cameron, MO)
AHSPAlpha-Hemoglobin Stabilizing Protein
AHSPAboriginal Head Start Program (Manitoba, Canada)
AHSPAdvanced Headset Sound Positioning
AHSPAuthority for Holding Sealed Particulars (India)
AHSPAcademy of Health-Systems Pharmacists
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Through the AHSP pilots, employers recognized the value of tailoring benefits to the health risks of their employee population and became savvier decision makers as they were more strategically-invested," said Sara Hanlon, Vice President, NBCH.
In addition, many of the employers continue to use the AHSP as a template for other additional value-based health initiatives.
The discovery of AHSP and its properties has altered our understanding of Hb assembly (4-7).
Diamant]-globin chains in the AHSP association constant could explain the observed differences in the clinical and biochemical phenotypes of these 2 Hbs (7).
Impaired binding of AHSP to [alpha] chain variants: Hb Groene Hart illustrates a mechanism leading to unstable hemoglobins with [alpha] thalassemic like syndrome.
For more information about NeedleZap(R) Dental, contact AHSP at 866-862-7808 or visit www.
By binding to free alpha globin, AHSP may protect the body from a dangerous accumulation of that protein.
This current research suggests that if physicians can deliver AHSP or a similar agent to patients with thalassemia, they may produce a new treatment for the disease.