AHSRAssociation for Health Services Research
AHSRAcademy for Health Services Research
AHSRApplied Health Services Research
AHSRAustralian Health Sector Recruiting (dental recruiting firm; est. 1998)
AHSRAir-Height Surveillance Radar
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AHSR is the only national membership association formed exclusively to promote the field of health services research and to strengthen the relationship between the producers and users of research.
At the 11th annual meeting of AHSR and FHSR, health services researchers from a variety of disciplines will join public and private decisionmakers to discuss the cost, quality, and availability of health services.
Finally, the poster session will include a special section for pre- and postdoctoral research, and the exhibit hall will feature information about AHSR and FHSR organizational members, publishers, academic programs, Federal agencies, commercial vendors, and career opportunities.
In the definition recently adopted by the AHSR Board and then by the Board of the Academy for Health Services Research and Health Policy, the scope of health services research interest is broadened further to include personal behaviors and social factors.
AHSR annual dues are currently $120, of which $38 is used to purchase a subscription to the Journal.
After two follow-up reminders, 751 of the AHSR members with e-mail responded: a 35 percent response rate.
Over the next months and years, the new AHSR will be calling on many of you to help and to contribute to these efforts.
This address was presented on June 27, 1999 at the 16th Annual Meeting of AHSR.
Such a definition and concept certainly describes much of what we as AHSR members investigate and what major public and private funding organizations expect from us as individuals and as a field.
1996 AHSR Presidential Address: Uninsured in an Era of Managed Care.
AHSR, in consultation with co-sponsors of the conference, appointed a chairperson, two co-chairs, and a steering committee to plan the conference.
This article has provided the framework for the topics that were discussed during an AHSR research agenda-setting conference on Improving Quality of Care for Children.