AHSSAdvanced High-Strength Steel
AHSSArts, Humanities and Social Sciences (university department)
AHSSAtiyah-Hirzebruch Spectral Sequence (mathematics; physics)
AHSSApplewood Heights Secondary School (Mississauga, ON, Canada)
AHSSAutomatic Heat Stress System
AHSSAssociation Hygiene et Salubrité en Santé (Quebec, Canada)
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In last decade significant effort has been made on developing trimming of AHSS and UHSS and their characterization.
The first example of in situ investigation of AHSS is during simulated thermomechanical process for the phase transformation kinetics of hot-rolled Si-TRIP steel as well as the carbon partitioning phenomenon and has been published earlier [15] in detail.
Zhang, "Preconditioned AHSS iteration method for singular saddle point problems," Numerical Algorithms, vol.
AHSS also have good bake hardening ability (BH effect) and work hardening ability (WH effect)--Fig.
AHSS Hire (tel 08457 28 28 28) sell all sorts of chemical cleaners but it might be worth hiring a hot pressure washer fi rst as these are very effective at removing stubborn dirt.
En los anos siguientes, el convento entrego al mercader 1 500 pesos mas, AHSS, Libros del convento de Jesus Maria, libro 6.
The high fracture strength of AHSS (from 600 to around 1500 MPa) enables to manufacture parts with high crash-resistance and lightweight.
This includes some other familiar vehicles, such as the Chevrolet Traverse and the Chrysler Town and Country, which have above-average utilization of AHSS in their construction.
Due to numerous projects including R&D, MBtech Autodie - MBtech Group's tool & die expert based in Grand Rapids, MI -- has many years of valuable knowledge and experience in building dies producing aluminum, HSS, and AHSS parts.
6) A partir de aca se nombraran las siguientes instituciones de esta manera: Archivo Historico de la Secretaria de Salud, AHSS, Fondo Beneficencia Publica, F-U, Seccion Establecimientos Hospitalarios, S-EH, Serie Manicomio General, se-MG, Fondo Manicomio General, F-MG, Seccion Expedientes Clinicos, se-EC.
The exhibit will be in the AHSS Gallery at the college and will run through April 1.