AHSSAdvanced High-Strength Steel
AHSSArts, Humanities and Social Sciences (university department)
AHSSAtiyah-Hirzebruch Spectral Sequence (mathematics; physics)
AHSSApplewood Heights Secondary School (Mississauga, ON, Canada)
AHSSAutomatic Heat Stress System
AHSSAssociation Hygiene et Salubrité en Santé (Quebec, Canada)
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But there are some instances where the AHSS materials require a significant change in the way parts for body-in-white applications are performed.
AHSS also have good bake hardening ability (BH effect) and work hardening ability (WH effect)--Fig.
The dual phase steel segment will remain the largest segment in the automotive AHSS market during the forecast period.
AHSS graduates 18th class *The Abdul Hamid Sharaf School (AHSS) in Deir Ghbar graduated its 18th class of students on May 28.
With 51 percent of the Sportage's body-in-white consisting of AHSS versus the outgoing model's 18 percent, torsional rigidity has improved 39 percent.
II-37 Demand for Lighter Weight Vehicles Drives Growth in AHSS Segment II-37 Steel Vs Aluminum: The Material Wars Continue II-38 Demand for Stainless Steel Gains Momentum II-38 Demand for Special Long Steel on the Rise II-39 Table 24: World Specialty Long Steel Market (2015): Percentage Breakdown of Production by Category (includes corresponding Graph/Chart).
The study also includes global automotive lightweight materials market forecasts through 2019, segmented by material types and regions as follows:The global automotive lightweight materials market segmented by material types: - AHSS - Aluminum - Magnesium - Polypropylene - Polyamide - Polyurethane - Thermosetting Composites - High Performance Polymers - OthersThe global automotive lightweight materials market by regions: - North America - Europe - Asia Pacific - Rest of World On the basis of its comprehensive research, Lucintel forecasts that the global automotive lightweight materials market is expected to depict high growth during 2014-2019.
These AHSS materials were categorized about 10 years ago to, Fekete says, "differentiate the materials from the HSLAs"-that's high-strength, low-alloy-"and bake hardenables.
During her presentation, Hall discussed the impact of advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) in the automotive industry, lightweighting capabilities of steel and the environmental benefits of designing with AHSS.
If it is just a matter of looking at the use phase only--the driving--then aluminum, Shaw admits, is responsible for reduced GHG emissions, with AHSS coming in second and conventional steel third.