AHSTFAmerican High School Theatre Festival
AHSTFAlberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund (est. 1976; Ministry of Finance and Enterprise; Alberta, Canada)
AHSTFArc-Heated Scramjet Test Facility (Langley Research Center; US NASA)
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A similar initiative launched in neighboring province Saskatchewan (which produces significant quantities of oil, potash, and uranium) suffered the same fate as the AHSTF.
The AHSTF currently holds $18 billion (Alberta Treasury Board and Finance 2016).
24) A withdrawal formula of this type also would effectively eliminate the possibility of zero transfers from the fund during a year--in contrast to the experience of the AHSTF, where no transfers to general revenues were made in fiscal years 2002/03 and 2008/09, when the value of the fund declined.
25) With the current design of the AHSTF, revenue payouts into general revenues from the fund are equal to all current income of the fund, less an amount required for inflation proofing (Alberta 2010a, 5).
29) This example is intended for the purposes of illustration and does not adjust for the actual savings of the Alberta government during the sample period, such as saving through the AHSTF and other provincial government funds.
6 Source: Author's calculations; Statistics Canada, Historical Statistics of Canada; AHSTF (2007, 2008).