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AHTAmerican Hairless Terrier (dog breed)
AHTAnimal Health Trust (Suffolk, England)
AHTAverage Handle Time
AHTAnchor Handling Tug (offshore rig support vessel)
AHTAverage Handling Time
AHTAntihypertensive (pharmaceuticals)
AHTAnimal Health Technician
AHTAfter Hours Trading
AHTArterial Hypertension
AHTAsociación de Hoteles de Turismo de la República Argentina (Spanish)
AHTAquí Hay Tomate (Spanish TV program)
AHTAnimal Health Technologist
AHTAverage Holding Time
AHTAfrican Human Trypanosomiasis
AHTArabian Horse Trust
AHTAcute Head Trauma
AHTAurélie Habasque-Tobie (French artist)
AHTAcoustic Homing Torpedo
AHTApplied Heat Transfer (New York)
AHTAnti-Human Trafficking
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Previous studies estimate that half of all children younger than two years old who have traumatic brain injury have suffered from AHT.
The Samsonite collection is not only the lightest-ever AHT range by far, but also has the most modern design with its sleek lines and ground breaking hardware.
The AHT was founded in 1963 by a group of hairdressing teachers as a national network.
The only AHT feature that physicians have recognized as increasing the risk of AoD is "unregulated" (poorly controlled) AHT.
To measure AHT on the X-ray film, two orthopedic specialists were recruited in the present study.
AHT serves Aboriginal people regardless of history or background, including Metis and non-status Aboriginal people.
federal income tax consequences of the distribution of AINC shares to AHT shareholders.
The company says they have an immediate need for at least 50 new Benefit Enrollers and Team Leaders to join AHT by the end of the week.
Learners from South Tyneside College will compete against nine other colleges from across the north at the regional heat of the AHT competition.
He will trek along part of the Great Wall of China and visit the Moon Bear project in Chengdu, a rescue centre run by the Newmarket-based AHT.
GAZ605) JONATHAN EDELSON, CEO of AHT CORPORATION, describes the company's business and its background; prospects for the industry, with positive and negative trends; competitive threats; strategic opportunities for the firm including its marketing plans and acquisition potential; management strength and organization; and the financial prospects of the firm looking forward.
Genesis Technology, a division of AHT, is based in Hayward, and has been providing unique document handling solutions for a variety of office printers and document production devices since 1982.