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AHTAnti-Human Trafficking
AHTApple Hardware Test (software)
AHTAmerican Hairless Terrier (dog breed)
AHTApplied Heat Transfer (New York)
AHTAnimal Health Trust (Suffolk, England)
AHTApple Hardware Test
AHTAtm Header Translator
AHTAbiadura Handiko Trenaren (Basque: High Speed Train)
AHTAnonymous HIV Testing
AHTAverage Handle Time
AHTAnchor Handling Tug (offshore rig support vessel)
AHTAverage Handling Time
AHTAntihypertensive (pharmaceuticals)
AHTAnimal Health Technician
AHTAfter Hours Trading
AHTArterial Hypertension
AHTAsociación de Hoteles de Turismo de la República Argentina (Spanish)
AHTAquí Hay Tomate (Spanish TV program)
AHTAnimal Health Technologist
AHTAverage Holding Time
AHTAlternating Hypertropia (ophthalmology)
AHTArmy Headquarters Transformation (US Army)
AHTAfrican Human Trypanosomiasis
AHTArabian Horse Trust
AHTAcute Head Trauma
AHTAurélie Habasque-Tobie (French artist)
AHTAcoustic Homing Torpedo
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AHT uses carbon fiber tapes to heat outdoor surfaces (walkways, driveways, parking lots, roadways, etc.
The acquisition of AHT Services Group will help us better service and support customers in this region of the United States," says Mark Dunaway, executive vice president of Kardex Remstar.
Whether you have a happy hacker that is happy to help, a youngster in need of some life experience, or a riding-school horse who would enjoy a change of scenery - the AHT needs volunteers.
3bn deal would dilute AHT's Funds From Operations by more than 30% (based on current consensus estimates for 2017 and not including any incremental costs or synergies), thereby affecting both the value of AHT's all-stock, fixed exchange ratio proposal and creating uncertainty around the ability to obtain the shareholder approval required from both AHT and FelCor shareholders.
Were causes of AHT other than the mitochondrial DNA variant, such as hyperthyroidism, renal artery stenosis, renal parenchymatous disease, hyperaldosteronism, or pheochromocytoma, excluded as alternative causes of AHT?
Comprehensive mortality data from the National Vital Statistics System (2) were used to identify fatal AHT * using the CDC case definition (3), and more broadly, to identify fatal assault-related traumatic brain injury (TBI) ([dagger]) among U.
Population studies that have studied the use of shaking as a child discipline method propose that actual incidence of AHT in societies where shaking is part of child discipline may range anywhere from 0% to as high as 63.
A spokesman for the Anne Duchess of Westminster's Charity, said: "We are very pleased that such a worthwhile and important charity as AHT has been nominated for this year.
The test uses a checklist of six clinical signs to give different likelihoods of AHT to help clinicians in their decision-making.
The Samsonite collection is not only the lightest-ever AHT range by far, but also has the most modern design with its sleek lines and ground breaking hardware.
Jai Krishnan, vice president - Middle East, East Africa & SRC at Samsonite, said: "The new Samsonite Litesphere collection is part of our strategy to offer the most convenient business travel solutions and is one of the lightest AHT luggage of its kind.
The AHT was founded in 1963 by a group of hairdressing teachers as a national network.