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AHTAnti-Human Trafficking
AHTApple Hardware Test (software)
AHTAmerican Hairless Terrier (dog breed)
AHTApplied Heat Transfer (New York)
AHTAnimal Health Trust (Suffolk, England)
AHTAtm Header Translator
AHTApple Hardware Test
AHTAbiadura Handiko Trenaren (Basque: High Speed Train)
AHTAnonymous HIV Testing
AHTAverage Handle Time
AHTAnchor Handling Tug (offshore rig support vessel)
AHTAverage Handling Time
AHTAntihypertensive (pharmaceuticals)
AHTAnimal Health Technician
AHTAfter Hours Trading
AHTArterial Hypertension
AHTAsociación de Hoteles de Turismo de la República Argentina (Spanish)
AHTAquí Hay Tomate (Spanish TV program)
AHTAnimal Health Technologist
AHTAverage Holding Time
AHTAlternating Hypertropia (ophthalmology)
AHTArmy Headquarters Transformation (US Army)
AHTAfrican Human Trypanosomiasis
AHTArabian Horse Trust
AHTAcute Head Trauma
AHTAurélie Habasque-Tobie (French artist)
AHTAcoustic Homing Torpedo
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To evaluate an apparent downward trend in annual rates of fatal AHT during the latter part of the analysis period (2009-2014), a negative binomial rate regression model allowing for an arbitrary shift in trend was fit to the data.
Population studies that have studied the use of shaking as a child discipline method propose that actual incidence of AHT in societies where shaking is part of child discipline may range anywhere from 0% to as high as 63.0%.
It is estimated as many as 34 in every 100,000 infants under the age of 12 months are victims of AHT - but the true figure is unknown because many cases of AHT are missed and others may not come to the attention of clinicians.
The orthodox view that we do not know the name of any Ahhiyawan king, reaffirmed by Bryce ("Neither here [the Annals of Mursili II, AhT 1A-B] nor in any of the texts which refer to Ahhiyawa is the name of any Ahhiyawan king preserved," p.
However, according to our simulation studies, the empirical sizes of the AHT test for the two-factor nested MANOVA model may far exceed the nominal level.
Other auction prizes include sponsorship of a race at Newmarket during the AHT gala raceday in May, four tickets to Olympia Horse Show and a painting by Newmarket equestrian artist Jacquie Jones.
Manifestations associated with AHT include vomiting, lethargy, irritability, tremors, fever, apnea, excessive crying, feeding difficulty, and developmental delay (Gutierrez et al., 2004).
It's our best achievement at AHT to date, which is testament to the hard work of all of the students and staff involved in the event.
"Benefitting from a less frequent audit schedule reduces audit costs and associated pressures and demonstrates the trust that the aerospace industry has in AHT, based on their past performance in Nadcap audits.
The Litesphere range brings Samsonite's renowned AHT luggage to a whole new level of lightness.
The AHT's executive committee meets three or four times a year to discuss the impact of the latest educational changes and how best to represent the views of members in response to them.
AHT is used globally to measure the total average amount of time a call centre agent spends talking and in post-call work in relation to a call.