AHTDArkansas State Highway and Transportation Department
AHTDAssociation for High Technology Distribution
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AHTD and FHWA officials, anxious to share what they have learned during the Interstate Rehabilitation Program, hosted the Arkansas Interstate Rubblization Showcase on June 5 and 6, 2001.
The $450 million estimated price would make the I-30 corridor project the most expensive in the history of the AHTD.
Background: Bennett began his career at the AHTD as a summer employee.
Bennett said the AHTD is also working to improve its training of plow drivers statewide.
Cleaning Wars: Failure to win AHTD contract prompts lawsuits
Flowers says that since the mission of AHTD and KAB go hand in hand, creating a partnership has been an effective way to accomplish both goals.
AHTD Director Scott Bennett said earlier this year that the department was postponing lion Overlay Program because of alack of state funding.
Mainly through the use of this technology, AHTD was able to reduce by almost 60 percent the amount of time required to move from notice of intent to record of decision.
Even before the crisis in highway funding, AHTD had to try to make the dollars available satisfy every corner of a 53,000-square-mile state made more challenging by rivers, streams, mountains and big, big rocks.
Officials from AHTD believed they needed to go beyond traditional traffic control in addressing the impact of the reconstruction project and looked for ways to communicate with the public in both Arkansas and Tennessee about specific delays to expect from the construction.
According to the contract, Atkins will supply AHTD with an entire range of construction management and inspection services.
Based on these facts, if a sizable earthquake were to occur, TDOT and AHTD estimate that [the costs from] the resulting detour would pay for the initial investment in the seismic retrofit on the Hernando Desoto Bridge in only 40 days.