AHTDArkansas State Highway and Transportation Department
AHTDAssociation for High Technology Distribution
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They get to choose how they accomplish the work best with their techniques as long as everything meets specifications set by AHTD.
This was a monumental commitment of money as well as a major inconvenience issue, and AHTD believed the support of the public was a high priority.
The AHTD said roundabouts--obviously fewer than traditional four-way intersections--would result in 37 percent fewer accidents, 75 percent fewer injuries and 90 percent fewer fatalities.
AHTD has extended the comment period on the 1-30 project until Dec.
The $450 million estimated price would make the I-30 corridor project the most expensive in the history of the AHTD.
Bennett said the AHTD is also working to improve its training of plow drivers statewide.
Cleaning Wars: Failure to win AHTD contract prompts lawsuits
With the city's and Faulkner County's concurrence, AHTD will next move forward with preliminary design work, Ort said.
AHTD will accept bids on phases two and three of the work in 2013.
In the Conway area where construction is under way, an AHTD 2010 traffic study revealed that 54,000-58,000 vehicles traverse the highway daily, Ort said.
1 million to the project, said David Nilles, a spokesman for the AHTD.
The project to widen Highway 226 from two lanes to a four-lane divided highway will take place in several phases, said AHTD spokesman Randy Oft.