AHTFAffordable Housing Trust Fund (various states)
AHTFAffordable Housing Task Force
AHTFAmerican Horse Trials Foundation, Inc. (Centreville, MD)
AHTFAmerican Hand Therapy Foundation (Baton Rouge, LA)
AHTFAntihurricane Technology Fund
AHTFAmerican Heat Treat Furnaces Corp. (Milwaukee, WI)
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To quantify the temperature fluctuation or swing, a dimensionless temperature swing index (TSI) is defined and calculated by taking the average hourly temperature fluctuations (AHTF) of each zone in 200 successive hours (1 to 200 in winter, the first week in January, and 4325 to 4524 in summer, the first week in July) relative to AHTF of outdoor.
TSI=Average of AHTF for the Zone/Average of AHTF for Outdoor (3)
"Through programs like the AHTF, we are enabling provincial and territorial partners to work with Aboriginal people directly to find community-based solutions for a broad range of issues, including local suicide prevention activities and crisis intervention options."
The AHTF mandate is to meet all Aboriginal people's unique needs.
2895), has indicated he is wilting to fight for AHTF funding in the FHA bill.
Funds for the AHTF would come from mortgage lending surpluses at the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and from a portion of the housing portfolios of the government-sponsored mortgage finance companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.