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AHTIAssociation of Hungarian Translators and Interpreters (Budapest, Hungary)
AHTIAthena High Technology Incubator Ltd. (Nicosia, Cyprus)
AHTIAffordable Housing Training Institute (New Jersey)
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We again acknowledge the assistance of colleagues for critical determinations or verifications: Teuvo Ahti, Irwin Brodo, Jack Elix, Theodore Esslinger, Richard Harris, Scott LaGreca, and Anders Nordin.
Ricorderemo solo qualche esempio: Ukko Ahti, autore di Sporgendosi dalla costa scoscesa, ha avuto tre tentativi di suicidio e ancora un quarto riuscito (69); un commento del narratore onnisciente sul professor Uzzi-Tuzzii dice: "forse si sta impiccando alla lampada del soffitto" (70), ecc.
Arnberg was William Arnberg --described as a Wobbly by Ahti Tolvanen -- who in the early 1930s was the leader and probable organizer of the Canadian Junior Wobblies, who published a monthly entitled The Junior Recruit.
said Ahti Heinla, a Skype co-founder and CEO at Starship Technologies.
Mihhaleva, together with florist Ahti Lira, is going to coordinate the show this year.
I am also grateful for the comments and suggestions of Ted Ahti, Andre Aproot, Allan Green, Ludger Kappen, Jim Lawrey, Robert Lucking, Gary Perlmutter and Pat Wolseley.
Passengers heard Raimo Ahti, 53, muttering "I have to help the captain.
Fueled by poorly met demand for simple and beautiful business tools on tablets and mobiles, Weekdone's early investors include Skype founding engineer Ahti Heinla , as well as former backers and executives of Odnoklassniki, Russia's largest social network.
It seems that many companies have gotten over their initial shock [of the crisis], have understood that these are new circumstances, and have been able to reorganize their jobs and adjust," says CEO of SEB Estonia Ahti Asmann.
Address : Ahti Events Oy c/o Suomen Hankintajuristit Asianajotoimisto Oy
Hannula credited Veikko Honkala of Ashburnham and Eeili Mord and Raimo Ahti of Lunenburg with the clearing of the cross-country trails in winter and summer.
CEO of SEB Ahti Asmann says "solid capitalization at the local level, and through its parent bank, gives SEB its strength.