AHTOAdult Human Trabecular Osteoblastic (cell type)
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Ahto Kenniku jargi oli kutseta opetajate protsent 1945/46.
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algae commercialization, algae oil, algae to oil, ooil, originoil, renewable oil, riggs eckelberry, World Water Works, Mark Fosshage, Scott Fraser, Algae Harvesting Technology, Optimized, AHTO, Dissolved Air Floatation, algae specific DAF, MBD Energy, separate flocculated algae
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Ahto Buldas along with Internet visionary Joi Ito, GuardTime provides an infinitely-scalable and completely-available Keyless Signature engine designed to deliver authenticity and integrity for the data that the world relies upon: as it sits on disk, moves throughout the network, and is used in the Cloud.
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Ahto Buldas along with Joi Ito and Ambient Sound Investments (ASI), an investment fund formed by the founding engineers of Skype.
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Further, World Water Works can improve as well as optimise the Aquanos process using its AHTO (Algae Harvesting Technology Optimised) expertise along with Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBRs).
The KAPO report is alleged to have warned of risks to hiring Ahto AltjE[acute accent]e, who was nevertheless appointed chairman at the end of October.