AHTSAnchor Handling Tug Supply
AHTSAnchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel
AHTSAnchor Handling Tug Support (vessel)
AHTSAnti-Human T-Lymphocyte Serum (immunopathology)
AHTSAn HTML (HyperText Markup Language) Templating System (website design)
AHTSAnti-Human Tonsil Serum
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In addition, the average utilisation in the third quarter was 36% for the AHTS fleet and nil for the PSV fleet, as compared with 65% and nil, respectively, in the third quarter 2016.
This is Logindo's second purchase of an AHTS vessel this year, having acquired another one in February for $17 million.
Earlier in the year, Topaz Marine Saudi Arabia, a joint-venture with Saudi-based Gentas, was awarded a three-year, $88 million charter for six AHTS vessels by Saudi Aramco.
The vessel was built at Drydocks World's Singapore facility and has broken the world bollard pull record by an AHTS at 402.
The average fixture rate in Q1 was USD36,400 for the AHTS fleet and nil for the PSV fleet, as compared with USD63,600 and USD6,200, respectively, in Q1 2016.
The fleet covers large AHTS vessels, platform supply vessels, multipurpose field and remotely operated vehicles (ROV) Support Vessel and even offshore subsea construction vessels designed to address the most challenging environments.
According to MBC Chairman, Lester Peteni: "Demand for anchor handling tugs around Southern Africa, in particular South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique, continues to grow and this has given MBC and its partners the confidence to order a second AHTS vessel only three months after ordering the first.
Under these contracts, ConocoPhillips Australia Exploration has issued a LOI to the AHTS Far Sirius (2014, UT 731 CD, 24,371 BHP) and the AHTS Far Saracen (2010, UT 731 CD, 23,664 BHP) to support its upcoming Barossa drilling campaign.
Ballast water treatment (BWT) specialist Optimarin's Optimarin Ballast System (OBS) has been selected for nine Sinopacific Shipbuilding Group AHTS vessels.