AHTTAwkward Hand Turkey Theatre (wesbite)
AHTTAdjuvant Hormonal Therapy with Tamoxifen
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Numerical and simulation results are presented to corroborate the theoretical comparison and the superiority of the AHTT scheme.
Meanwhile, our proposed AHTT protocol permits the user node to change time of DL stage to satisfy a preset transmit power at the user node.
In AHTT protocol, the power transmission at user node is denoted as [P.sub.U] with a fixed value, i.e..
Proposition 3: The outage throughput of wireless powered communication networks with AHTT EH protocol in case of i.i.d channel and MRC receiver is given by
In this experimental simulation, we compare the system performance of wireless energy harvesting using AHTT protocol with those of HTT protocol in [18].
Fig.5 depicts that although the outage throughput performance of AHTT system outperforms those of HTT, this gap is quite small.
As presented in Fig.6, the ergodic throughput of HTT climbs sharply when H-AP power increases, while in the proposed AHTT, the throughput rises with the same trend in interval [P.sub.AP] = [0,15] (dB) then slightly increases and stays at the same level of for each scenario (i.e, N = 5, C [approximately equal to] 7 (bps/Hz) for MRC scheme and C [approximately equal to] 5.5 (bps/Hz) for SC system, respectively)