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AHUAir Handling Unit
AHUArquivo Histórico Ultramarino (Portuguese: Overseas Historical Archive; Lisbon, Portugal)
AHUAdministrasi Hukum Umum (Indonesian: General Legal Administration)
AHUAir Heating Unit
AHUAmerican Heart University (American Heart Association)
AHUArmy Health Unit
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Duct paths of the supply and return air between the AHU and the zone VAV units are shown in Figure 5 The supply air leaves AHU-A and travels through the duct supplying air to Test System A in the following order: Internal A, West A, South A, and finally East A (Figure 2), as depicted by the dark bold line.
2008) developed a series of simplified component models for an AHU, a VAV terminal unit, building zone, and their control systems.
Between the heating and cooling balance points, the AHU does not run for space conditioning, but may run according to a minimum runtime or minimum turnover criteria.
Drawings and specifications for the AHU and duct system were obtained from the subcontractor, which were used to create a full duct and AHU model.
AHU fans were off and VAV terminal unit fans were on at constant speed.
Prior to the warehouse going operational, and during the early weeks of storage, the Andrews system was live, warm air in the warehouse drawn in the AHU, circulated over 'cold' coils which caused a drop in temperature, the much cooler air blasted back into the warehouse.
The first time an AHU, a chiller, or a cooling tower simulation agent receives the time from the SimulationTimer agent, it sets up a "timer" to periodically run an "intelligent agent," henceforth referred to in this article as an "Agent" (with a capital A), that does the identification and optimization.
These AHUs can be used for 100 per cent fresh air application or re-circulating air application.
Other examined solutions of apartment ventilation are: a) supply-exhaust ventilation on the basis of apartment AHU with heat recovery, b) supply-exhaust ventilation on the basis of room units with heat recovery equipment in each living- and bedroom and exhaust ventilators with variable loads in the bathroom and kitchen, and c) mechanical exhaust ventilation --ventilators in bathrooms and kitchen (on each duct) and with external fresh air valves in bedrooms and living rooms.
AHU, Hawaii - WHAT a difference 60 years makes - or does it?
The upgrade includes two new custom built air handling units (AHUs) and one new climate changer AHU.