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It is by no means impossible in a number of instances; in fact, were we to include forms of the type v[??]r[??]orem.jan-, ahum.bis-, etc., there could be at least nine examples of transitive root nouns in Old Avestan, more than any other morphological category.
Native terms for "foreigner" include Sumerian lu.bar.ra, (3) Akkadian ahum, (4) and Hittite arahzena-, (5) the basic semantic notion in each instance being that of externality or peripheral location, rather than hostility, the words for which latter concept are kur, nakrum, and kurur, (6) respectively.7 But of course by their circumstances or from particular characteristics-- personal names, epithets, and so on--we may also detect in the texts the presence of foreigners who are not explicitly labeled as such.
the second type of category three, above) with the sense of wa la tattabi ahwa ahum munharifan an al-haqqi, i.e., deviating from the truth.(33)
of Avestan vahist[inverted e]m ahum) is not found in Persian Manichean texts.