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AHURAAssociation of Human Rights Activists
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There is no indication that the cult of Ahura Mazdah was imposed on the inhabitants of non-Iranian provinces.
Both the priest and the child in ritual unity, paiwand, begin to recite aloud the Ahura Mazda Khodae (Kusti Bastan) prayer (figure 4).
It has been written in Darius's tomb (Naqs-i-Rostam): "The great God is Ahura Mazda; who created the earth; who created the sky; who created mankind; who established happiness for mankind; who made Darius the king .
Rishingiye kandi ku biganiro bisanzwe nagiranye na bagenzi banjye dukorana n'inzobere mu iyigandimi na politiki y'indimi, ndetse no ku byo mbona nk'umunyarwanda w'umwalimu mu gashami k'indimi muri Kaminuza Nkuru y'u Rwanda, usanzwe n'ubundi ahura n'ibibazo by'indimi mu Rwanda mu buzima bwa buri munsi.
These songs are in syllabic form and contain mostly Zartosht's questions or prayers to Ahura Mazda.
In personal communication, Ahura Scientific informed us that the Truscans were not deployed fully until the very end of 2009, a point repeated by Dr Orhii.
Zoroastrians, who follow the prophet Zarathustra and worship Ahura Maza as the creator of the universe, fled persecution in ancient Iran and arrived in India in the 10th century.
it was "a precious symbol of Ahura Mazda"--a figure he
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